Choose an Eco-Friendly Insulation Option

Choose an Eco-Friendly Insulation Option

We can help with all your cellulose insulation needs in Milford, Novi, Brighton, MI and throughout Southeast, MI

If you want to insulate your home or business while also helping the planet, just call Accurate Insulation for cellulose insulation installation services in Milford, Novi, Brighton, MI and surrounding areas. Not only does cellulose insulation save you up to 40% off your utility bills, it also keeps any dirt or rodents from entering your home. Learn more about why you should choose cellulose insulation for your property by calling us at 877-434-8973. We'll be glad to answer any of your questions.

Keep your home as insulated as possible

Whether you need cellulose insulation installation for your home or commercial property, Accurate Insulation can help. Many property owners choose cellulose insulation because it:

  • Keeps your property at a comfortable temperature
  • Can isolate sounds from one room to another
  • Keeps rodents and pests away
  • Does not release any irritating abrasives or airborne particles

If you're ready to add cellulose installation to your home or business, schedule an appointment with us today.

Cellulose Insulation
Green Protection:


According to Environmental Building News, "Cellulose insulation should be a preferred insulation material for the environmentally concerned."


Cellulose does not contain or release irritating abrasive, airborne particles, providing you with peace of mind regarding your indoor air quality.


When cellulose is processed, natural fire-retardant liquids are added to the material. This results in a thoroughly saturated product which results in a self-extinguishing product.


Sound transmission is measured by what is called STC (sound transmission control). Cellulose has a superior sound-rating which enables you to isolate sounds from one room to another and one level from another.


Call us today to schedule a free inspection and quote! Adding cellulose to your attic and walls can save you up to 40% off your utility bills.